Aggregate and Use
Your Web 3.0 Identity

Discover Aggregated Identity with MCP

Start with A decentralized identity graph

We offer dApps

Real time personal data Aggregation Service

With an Open API for Web3 products to access user’s profile data with user authorization.

We offer identity owners an

All-in-one Web 3.0 Profile

In our next version the Identity Graph will empower a comprehensive Web 3.0 Profile and allow you to leverage your credentials.

My Crypto Profile
Coming soon
Authorization settings

We establish

Privacy and Anonymity preservation

Through address masking and a privacy computing model
to protect identity meta data from being seen.

Browse Web 3.0 with an Aggregated Identity
under your control

Aggregated Identity

My Crypto Profile

MyCryptoProfile is a Web3 Aggregated Identity & Profile Generator designed for Web3 users to access products & services (PnS) using anonymous identity with verifiable personal data.

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